The Collection

In 1994, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum’s collection was relocated to Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. It was later returned to the Museum, in part, on the occasion of its 2012 Grand Reopening. The Collection currently includes 13 sculptural works and 36 works of calligraphy (displayed or in storage).

Sculpture & Relief

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum’s sculptural works consist of 11 pieces collected from fiscal 1975 to 1985 (some through donations) and one piece returned by Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in 1999. The 12 works are permanently displayed at the Museum.

Sculpture & Relief MAP

*No.2 was donated by the artist

List of Calligraphic Works

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum’s calligraphic works were acquired in the years from 1936 to 1978. The works were moved to Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in 1994 but returned to the Museum in July 2011. The Collection currently contains 36 pieces by 30 calligraphers. These calligraphic works are exhibited in the Collection Exhibition and on other occasions.

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