Ueno Artist Project 2019: “Artists Look at Children”

November 16 (Sat), 2019 – January 5 (Sun), 2020

Ueno Artist Project 2019: “Artists Look at Children” Poster

The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum—“the Home of the Public Entry Exhibition”—has played a significant role for nearly a century by giving artists of all kinds a place to exhibit and develop their art. In 2012, on the occasion of its Grand Reopening, the museum launched a public entry exhibition “activation program” with the aim of fulfilling its active role: “To impart vitality to people’s art activities and deepen their appreciation of art.” As of 2017, it has launched the annual “Ueno Artist Project” exhibition to showcase select contemporary artists now active in art groups, with the aim of sharing the wonder and excitement of their work.
In 2019, the third exhibition of the Ueno Artist Project will take the theme “Children,” a attractive motif that has long fascinated artists. Featured will be group-affiliated artists who draw from their personal thoughts and recollections to produce works concerned with childhood, an experience intimately known to everyone. The exhibition will explore a range of images held of children in three sections.

OKUBO Ayako (Ichiyokai)
KIHARA Masanori (Nikikai)
SHIDA Tsubasa (Dokuritsubijutsukyokai)
SHINJO Kana (Nihonbijutsuin)
TOYOSAWA Megumi (Shinseisakukyokai)
YAMAMOTO Yasuhisa (Shutaibijutsukyokai)

Major works

Major works
  • SHINJO Kana, A Girl and the Cosmos, 2016, Collection of Artist Photo:OTANI Ichiro

  • OKUBO Ayako, Bringing Up Little Life, 2014, Collection of Artist

  • SHIDA Tsubasa, Much, 2018, Collection of Artist Photo:OTANI Ichiro

  • TOYOSAWA Megumi, The Birthday, 2015, Collection of Artist Photo:OTANI Ichiro

  • YAMAMOTO Yasuhisa, Gentle Feeling, 2015, Collection of Artist

  • KIHARA Masanori, Form of the Human, Form of the Field - Return to the Earth -, 2017, Collection of Artist



November 16 (Sat), 2019 – January 5 (Sun), 2020
Gallery A, C
November 18, December 2, 16, 26 – January 3, 2020
9:30 – 17:30 (Last admission 17:00)
Days of Extended Hours
Fridays, November 30, December 7 9:30 – 20:00 (Last admission 19:30)

Tickets at the door |
General ¥500 / Seniors 65+ ¥300

Group tickets |
General ¥400
※Group rates - 20 or more people

※Admission free for visitors College students and High school students or younger
※Admission free for visitors (and one accompanying person) with a Physical Disability Certificate, Intellectual Disability Certificate, Rehabilitation Certificate, Mental Disability Certificate or Atomic Bomb Survivor’s Certificate
※In each case, please show identification
※Admission is free on presenting a ticket (or stub) for the concurrent "Masterpieces of Impressionism: The Courtauld Collection" exhibition

Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)


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