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Group Show of Contemporary Artists 2015
you can see it (but you can’t feel it)

November 26 (Thu) – December 6 (Sun), 2015

you can see it (but you can’t feel it) poster
An exhibition of group shows selected through public invitation for “Group Show of Contemporary Artists 2015”

Exhibition Introduction by the Group
Where is this place?
Here, there are opposite shores.
Mine and ours.
The museum’s and ours.
Yours alone and yours everyone.
Today, again, when I awoke, I felt there was something I could not remember.
― From “wasuomo / you can see it (but you can’t feel it)”
Group & Participating Artists * representative
wasuomo / you can see it (but you can't feel it)
URAMOTO, Hiromi*., IWASAKI, Ga., SAKUMA, Hikaru., YAMA, Yuki., MIYADAI, Erica., (Manager:KIMURA, Nao)
Group Profile
“wasuomo / you can see it (but you can’t feel it)” is our their group’s name and also the exhibition title.
What kind of a situation does it concern, involving who?
It is an innocent inquiry, like the impression of the heart that remains even if wiped away, unrelated to youth or old age or one's emotional state, in ontemporary Japan.
They explore borders of all kinds. Their search is directed outside and, at the same time, inside internally, like a Zen question-answer dialogue. As if continually digging an invisible underground.
I would like you, to come and see it with your own eyes.

Major works

Major works
  • MIYADAI, Erica, About A Hole

    MIYADAI, Erica, About A Hole, 2012, 2015, TV

  • IWASAKI, Ga, (“Hello,world!”)

    IWASAKI, Ga, (“Hello,world!”), 2012-, Type C print

  • IWASAKI, Ga, Jesus / jesus

    IWASAKI, Ga, Jesus / jesus, 2011-, Type C print

  • URAMOTO, Hiromi, Time to become DANGO

    URAMOTO, Hiromi, Time to become DANGO, 2-channel video installation



November 26 (Thu) – December 6 (Sun), 2015
Gallery A
9:30 – 17:30 (Last admission 17:00)
Days of Extended Hours
Fridays 9:30 – 20:00 (Last admission 19:30)
Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)


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