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Group Show of Contemporary Artists 2016
Newly think

November 26 (Sat) – December 6 (Tue), 2016

Newly think poster
An exhibition of group shows selected through public invitation for “Group Show of Contemporary Artists 2016”

Exhibition Introduction by the Group
In this exhibition—our fourth, a gathering of 16 craft artists—we will “newly think” crafts and try to erect a large “sign” in the venue pointing the way to the future.
Amid the age-old history of crafts, we are currently pioneering a path to the future. This path we blaze with our “thoughts” about crafts as artists who find a start to the creative process in our materials. That path, while deriving from light, depicts a map to the future and connects with the future.
Tracing that path will take you to each artist’s artwork and view of the future.
Group & Participating Artists * representative
Monday through Sunday
IZUMI Sayaka, ODA Iori, OOKI Natsuko, KATSURAGAWA Miho, KATO Fuki, KOJIMA Hideko*, KOZUKA Takako, SATO Norikatsu, SUZUKI Shota, TSUTAJIMA Kaoru, TSUCHIYA Naoto, HASEGAWA Daisuke, HAMANO Yuki, MAEZAWA Yukie, MORITA Mari, YUKINOURA Yuichi
Curation:SHIMA ART & DESIGN STUDIO, Photo:HANADA Ryuichi, Music and Lighting:TARUMI Yukiya
Group Profile
We are a group of crafts artists working on the stage of contemporary society and lifestyle. In our approach to craft and creation, we employ our commitment to our material and our technical skills in our work. Our members differ in generation and craft genre, yet we interfuse our thinking to attain works embodying attractive crafts for the contemporary world. Displaying these works, together with the space they are in, we seek to propose new possibilities for arts and crafts to viewers.

Major works

Major works
  • YUKINOURA Yuichi, Magnify

    YUKINOURA Yuichi, Magnify, 2016

  • OOKI Natsuko, Forest of Sarasa

    OOKI Natsuko, Forest of Sarasa, 2016

  • SUZUKI Shota, Amur adonis

    SUZUKI Shota, Amur adonis, 2016

  • ODA Iori, Sky Walk

    ODA Iori, Sky Walk, 2012



November 26 (Sat) – December 6 (Tue), 2016
Gallery A
December 5 (Mon)
9:30 – 17:30 (Last admission 17:00)
Days of Extended Hours
Fridays 9:30 – 20:00 (Last admission 19:30)
Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)


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