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Art & Power: From Pharaohs to Daimyōs. Masterworks from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

July 23 (Sat) – October 2 (Sun), 2022

In every age, rulers have used the power of art to display and maintain their power. Portrait paintings exuding an aura of majesty reinforced their authority, while the elaborately contrived narrative of such paintings underscored its legitimacy. Exquisite craftworks also embellished the court and played a role in diplomatic affairs. The magnificence of these works by master painters and craftsmen continue to enthrall viewers, even now. Many powerful men and women passionately enjoyed art, patronized great artists, and collected valuable works. The collections they built became the foundations of today’s well-known museums. This exhibition will feature some 60 artworks from Egypt, Europe, India, China, Japan, and other regions. Through them, it will examine the original function of the artworks we see and admire, and retrospect the history of art’s relationship with power. Now—the long-awaited opening of an exhibition cancelled in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Major works

Major works
  • Night Attack on the Sanjō Palace from the Illustrated Scrolls of the Events of the Heiji Era (Heiji monogatari emaki), Kamakura period, second half of the 13th century

  • Anthony van Dyck, Princess Mary, Daughter of Charles I, about 1637

  • Maharana Sangram Singh Enjoys the Monsoon, Northern India (Mewar, Rajasthan), Mughal period, about 1720–1725

  • Mashiyama Sessai, Peafowls and Flowers, Edo period, 1801




July 23 (Sat) – October 2 (Sun), 2022
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