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Sato Keitaro Memorial Lounge

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Sato Keitaro Memorial Lounge

A place to relax amid views of Ueno Park’s greenery. Visitors can also access information about exhibitions and events.

The lounge, a quiet space for relaxing in comfortable chairs of northern European design, is installed with racks of leaflets for exhibitions at other museums and computer terminals for quickly finding art information. Staff are always on hand, waiting to take questions about art information or assist with computers. The lounge also features a display of materials related to the museum’s founder, Sato Keitaro, as well as an architectural model of the museum and outline of the museum’s history.

※ The lounge is a stopping point for Museum Start iUeno.

※ An archival materials exhibit introducing the Museum’s history is held during the period of the Museum’s founding day, May 1.

案内所・ラウンジ 風景

案内所・ラウンジ 風景

案内所・ラウンジ 風景

案内所・ラウンジ 風景

案内所・ラウンジ 風景

About Sato Keitaro, the Art Lounge’s Namesake

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum was founded on May 1, 1926 on the basis of a one million yen donation (in the currency of the time) by industrialist Sato Keitaro. It was Japan’s first public art museum.

A bust of Sato Keitaro by sculptor Asakura Fumio is established in one corner of the lounge. In order to honor Mr. Sato for his substantial contributions to this museum and convey his achievements to future generations, this Art Lounge was established in his name on the occasion of the Museum’s April 2012 Grand Reopening.

Art Lounge: Outline
Number of seats
52 (including computer stools)
Computer terminals
9:30 – 17:30
1st and 3rd Mondays (except national holidays, when closed following day instead)
and days when Museum is closed
Usage charge
Services provided

Reference materials

Computers for art information searches (no charge)

Pamphlets for exhibitions at Tokyo area art museums

Exhibition catalogues (This museum’s only. Catalogues cannot be removed)

※ Only drinking water in plastic bottles may be brought into the Art Lounge. (Eating is not permitted.)
Please refrain from smoking, photography, loud use of mobile phones, and other behavior disturbing to other visitors.

Event Information

Archives Exhibition 2021 “Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and Sato Memorial Gallery” Admission Free

June 8 (Tue) – July 4 (Sun), 2021 9:30 – 17:30