Facility Guide

Library and Archives

Library and Archives

The museum library is an intimate space arranged with wooden book shelves and furniture. A librarian is always on duty in the library, which contains a large stock of art books, as well as archives related to museum history. Visitors can freely peruse the library’s art books, exhibition catalogues, art magazines, and leaflets. Visitors are invited to use the Library for reading general art catalogues and magazines and exhibition catalogues.

Library: Outline

Library materials
(As of March 2016)
Art books
Art magazines
Art exhibition catalogues
Chronologies and bulletins

*Museum history materials
Design drawings for the original museum building, posters and flyers from past exhibitions, etc., some 4,600 items in all.

Number of seats
Computers for archive search
10:00 – 17:00 (Closed stack requests and Photocopy request until 16:30)

1st and 3rd Mondays (except national holidays, when closed following day instead) and days when Museum is closed

Usage charge
Services provided

Reference materials

Computer terminal for archive searches (free)

Copying of documents

Perusal of open & closed stack books (Only in library. Cannot be removed)

  • ※ Please refrain from consuming food or beverages, smoking, photography, use of mobile phones, and other behavior disturbing to other visitors.
  • ※ Only valuables and writing implements may be brought into the Library. Please leave bags, etc. in a locker.
  • ※ Please refrain from using the Library for resting, school studies, or other uses besides viewing reference materials.
  • ※ Please handle library materials with care.